Surprise! The Final Touches…

Happy Fashion Week everyone – let the runway antics and amazing street style begin! I’ll be updating all of you on what trends, ideas and colors are catching my eye! Stay tuned! Sooo, I’ve been kinda sneaky. While I’ve been posting about how to pull together a vignette (here and here) and of course bowing … Continue reading

Me + Design = ???

I’ve been stuck in an inspiration rut for the past couple weeks so I decided to spend a little time perusing my favorite design blogs and of course, Pinterest. When I started looking through my favorite images I realized that my design style is a combination of a few things: via via  via via  via … Continue reading

Living in Color

Sorry for the long break between posts, ladies and (a few) gents. I fell back into my usual lazy way and made a million and one excuses for it – it’s the end of summer, I have friends in town, it’s a Thursday – I used them all. Instead, I’ll just promise all of you … Continue reading

Painting Dilemma

A couple weeks ago I posted the color scheme for my living space (read all about how Chicago weather served as my inspiration here). I loved how modern and fresh the color combination was but still neutral enough that it wouldn’t feel overpowering. As you can tell from my apartment layout the living space is … Continue reading

Sleeping in Luxury

When I was brainstorming for my bedroom color scheme, I had total redesign block. I wasn’t sure what the design gods wanted me to do – should it match the color scheme of my living space or should it be the opposite? Or in between? I apologize for not having any “before” pictures of the … Continue reading

Embracing the Seasons

As a born and raised Midwesterner, you would think that I would embrace the seasons – the blustery winter, soft spring, blazing summer, crisp fall – but, I don’t. Not one bit. In fact, I negotiate daily with the higher being during the months of November through February on what I have to give up … Continue reading