Living Room Updates: Custom Desk Reveal

Ladies and gents, remember how I moved into a new apartment a couple months ago? Well since then, I’ve kept a couple (DIY) tricks up my sleeve. After all, I can’t think of a better way to spend a 110 degree day than in front of an air conditioner with a paintbrush (yeah, yeah, I … Continue reading

Organic & Urban

After spending an idyllic weekend with my family in Michigan, I came to the realization that sometimes I miss the peace & quiet of suburbia. Call it a quarter life crisis but I wouldn’t mind opening my window every once in awhile and not be greeted by the roar of traffic. Besides these few moments, … Continue reading

From Day to Night #4

I love spring for so many reasons – warmer weather, fresh flowers…and lighter knits. Yup, in my opinion, there’s nothing better than an airy sweater that’s versatile enough for cooler rainy days or can be transformed into the final touch for a pre-summer look. I’ve also been interested in putting my own spin on this … Continue reading

From Day to Night #2

My obsession with teal (discussed here and here) is far from new news on this blog so, as you can guess, when I came across a sheer lacy blouse in the same color at Urban Outfitters I had to have it! I experimented with a variety of colors layered underneath (neon would be fun once … Continue reading

From Day to Night #1

I’m excited to announce a new feature here at Homes & Heels! Every week I will be posting two looks – one day look and one night look – that are both created around one item from my wardrobe. I’ve talked a lot about being stylish on a budget and there’s no better way to … Continue reading

Crafting Vignettes

I have a confession. For the past week, I can’t stop staring at my new orange dresser. For those of you who don’t remember, this is what it looks like: I’m in love! But…(isn’t there always a but?) the dresser looks like a gorgeous outfit that isn’t complete without a few accessoreis. So what would … Continue reading