Textile Artwork

Now that my living room is starting to take shape (check out my latest DIY here) I’m starting to source items to fill in the blanks – the blank walls that is. As much as I love my roomy living room, it leaves a lot of wall space to cover, which isn’t always easy when … Continue reading

Etsy Find: letterhappy

I came across letterhappy during my usual weekend perusing of Etsy. Besides the beautiful and fun items actually in the shop, I loved that Christen was having a “Christmas in July” sale – how cute is that?! The shop offers a wide variety of items ranging from prints to cards to jewelry. I picked out … Continue reading

Living Room Mood Board: Rain Water

The bright orange and teal combo that defined my last living space has been long forgotten (well, at least for today). Right now, I’m yearning for soft blues, maybe a hint of gray, and for an unexpected twist, pairing them with bright sorbet colors ranging from watermelon pink to lime green. The one theme that … Continue reading

Collage Wall: In Progress

Since I’ve gotten a decent start on my vignette (check out my progress here), I wanted to share where I’m at with the gallery wall I’ll be displaying above the orange dresser. One of the inspiration pictures for my teal walls also has an eclectic mix of frames that I love and is the jumping … Continue reading

Vignette Update

So I’ve been talking about vignettes for a couple of weeks (read about them here and here) and I was at the point that I thought I had it all figured out…until I realized how many pieces are needed to create a unique story of textures and layers. But, while I still work on cobbling … Continue reading

Etsy find of the week: ekohdesign

Get excited! It’s time for the latest Etsy find – ekohdesign! The shop owner is a very talented woman from Oregon who has come up with a way to make the mundane display of tacked up grocery lists and bills  into an amazing piece of art. Ekohdesign includes a variety of decorative memo boards (the background … Continue reading

Etsy find of the week: House of Tender Beasts

And we’re back with our weekly feature: Etsy Finds! This week’s find not only has unique and beautiful offerings but also one of the cutest Etsy shops that I have come across. Who doesn’t want to peek around a shop that has a masthead reading, “Tender Hearts…making fiercely good stuff. Rawr.” and art and jewelry … Continue reading

Etsy find of the week: katep

Woohoo, this might actually become an ongoing thing…welcome to the second round of Etsy Find of the Week! This week’s  find is another Chicago shop (my goal is to continue to feature local artists for awhile) called katep. The shop features a variety of whimsical, feminine prints that are handmade by the shop owner, Kate. … Continue reading

Etsy Find: Gemini Studios

Confession time…I have an addiction to Etsy. I look for absolutely any excuse to search the trillion, kabillion items on sale. Whether it’s for a new redesign project, looking for a gift or pretending like I have money to spend, I can search for hours upon hours. Seriously, how can you resist?! I was digging … Continue reading