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    Now that my living room is starting to take shape (check out my latest DIY here) I’m starting to source items to fill in the blanks – the blank walls that is. As much as I love my roomy living room, it leaves a lot of wall space to cover, which isn’t always easy when on a budget. One of those spaces is the wall above the couch where I’m hoping to put up one large piece of art (I decided against a collage because I think it will look too busy when next to my knick-knack happy bookcases). Unfortunately, these types of paintings, prints, etc. cost way more than I want to spend when putting the icing on my rental. So with these images as my inspiration…




    …I’ve come up with a much more wallet-friendly idea to use textiles – anything from tapestries to bedding to vintage saris – as my big statement piece. Depending on which one I choose, I have a couple ideas for inexpensive mounting and framing possibilities so stay tuned for those! In the meantime, here are a few of the fabrics catching my eye…





    One Response to “Textile Artwork”
    1. Caroline says:

      My boyfriend just bought his first apartment and he’s on a hunt for rugs (read: I’m on a hunt)…these are GORGEOUS.

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