Living Room Updates: Custom Desk Reveal

Ladies and gents, remember how I moved into a new apartment a couple months ago? Well since then, I’ve kept a couple (DIY) tricks up my sleeve. After all, I can’t think of a better way to spend a 110 degree day than in front of an air conditioner with a paintbrush (yeah, yeah, I know there’s a place called the beach). But, what’s more fun than giving that paintbrush a workout? Right? Maybe?

Just to remind all of you, here’s the section of the original living room that I was working with. As I had mentioned, I wasn’t feeling the orange dresser anymore and am happy to report that it’s found a good home…and left a giant wall for me to fill up.

So I began with paint, choosing a soft blue (“Rain Water” by Behr) that I came across when creating this mood board. I also knew that I wanted something substantial on this wall to balance out the rectangular shape of the living room. After living here for some time, I’ve realized that I needed a lot more storage and a place to at least put my laptop (because I’m usually lounging on the couch when using it). I also have piles of books at my parents’ home that I was hoping to bring back to Chicago and create a new home for.

I finally had my ‘duh’ moment and grabbed a couple of these Ikea bookshelves. To create the more architectural look I was going for – and to add a natural element against the stark white – I bought a piece of plywood from my local hardware store and stained it a deep walnut, creating the perfect desk space nestled between the bookshelves.

Here’s the final product…

To add a moodier element to the room to contrast the pastel blue on the walls, I chose this handmade paper to line the backs of the bookshelves and easily attached it with double sided tape. I love the shades of gray and the metallic tones ranging from gunmetal to champagne to gold.

And, since I don’t like things to be too matchy-matchy and instead, prefer a collected look I added in a black and white lamp shade that spoke to the scroll work in the paper but was different enough to add some depth to the overall desk area.

Lamp Shade: Lamps Plus/Lamp Base: Z Gallerie

After the basics were done, it was all about creating small vignettes that would draw in anyone who is visiting my home to take a closer look. I still have to grab a ton of my old books and fill in some of the empty spaces so stay tuned for an update!

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    I love “Sacred Games” – great book! I wish they would make it into a movie!

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