…And I’m Back!!

I’m back! For real this time. I promise. I swear. Annnddd to try and justify my absence all these weeks, here’s a snapshot of what’s been going on!

Along with going on an AMAZING family vacation to Italy, I also started a new job and made the big apartment move. I know, excuses, excuses but now that I’m getting settled into the new gig and all of the boxes in my apartment have been (finally!) unpacked, I’ve been practically salivating at the idea of new DIY projects and making my place into a home. I’ve been spending a ton of time trying to figure out what type of style I want to go for this time around – do I continue the bold color that was the theme in my last place or do I want to create a more toned down “canvas” where I can swap out the more out there accessories? For now, your guess is as good mine!

Like I did with my last apartment, I’m focusing on my living room first. I spend most of my time out here – from lounging to socializing – so if I can get the styling up to my standards that’ll help me feel settled into my 7th apartment in 7 years (can you believe it?!). So, to get the process started, here’s what my new living room looks like:

Stay tuned for a few mood boards that I’m whipping up! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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