Ombre 2.0

Ombre, ombre, ombre. Everyone from celebrities to bloggers to everyday career girls have been rocking the trend for the fast few seasons. As a girl who’s never ever dyed her hair, I was fascinated by the different takes on it ranging from the more extreme contrasts to subtle touches of color. I loved how effortless … Continue reading

Living Room Mood Board: Periwinkle Dream

I love the mystery of smoky antique mirrors. And when combined with hints of brass there is no color combination that is more sophisticated. For my second mood board (check out the first one here), I mixed moody gray with soft blue to serve as the backdrop for rustic wood accents mixed in with eclectic … Continue reading

Living Room Mood Board: Rain Water

The bright orange and teal combo that defined my last living space has been long forgotten (well, at least for today). Right now, I’m yearning for soft blues, maybe a hint of gray, and for an unexpected twist, pairing them with bright sorbet colors ranging from watermelon pink to lime green. The one theme that … Continue reading

…And I’m Back!!

I’m back! For real this time. I promise. I swear. Annnddd to try and justify my absence all these weeks, here’s a snapshot of what’s been going on! Along with going on an AMAZING family vacation to Italy, I also started a new job and made the big apartment move. I know, excuses, excuses but … Continue reading