A *BIG* Announcement…

One of the many things that has kept me busy the past few weeks is that I’M MOVING! Unfortunately, my apartment building won’t be available for rent once my current lease ends so: Okay, okay, can you blame a girl for trying to find some humor in the situation? The bad news is that I … Continue reading

Seeking Inspiration…

It’s been a busy couple weeks for me and juggling quite a few different projects has left me with little time to focus on my creative outlets like styling, DIY projects and of course, blogging! Things should start winding down by the end of this month but until then, I’ve been turning to my Pinterest … Continue reading

Links A La Mode

Edited by: Sonia of In Pursuit of Style Beyond just the change in temperatures, something key to this time of year is spring cleaning. Whether it be your closet, desk in your office or your body of toxins, its a great time to get rid of the old and be open to change. Make an … Continue reading

Reader Question: Styling a Black Sleeveless Blouse

I recently received a reader question, asking me to style this sheer black sleeveless blouse: via And, since I’ve been light on day to night posts lately (sorry!) I thought I would style this blouse two different ways – a more casual look and another ensemble perfect for a night out. For the day outfit, … Continue reading

This Weekend: Black + White

I was looking thorough my closet this weekend and everywhere I looked I saw bright colors – hot pink, neon yellow, teal, every color that you can imagine. As much as I’ve enjoyed styling the neons and pastels that are the “it” colors of the season, my eyes were tired of the color explosion. So this … Continue reading

Thinking about Rugs…

People have all sorts of approaches to adding rugs to their rooms. Some plan a whole room around the statement piece and others think of it as the cherry on top and it’s the last thing to enter a room. I like to make things as complicated as possible so I’ve been inspired by various … Continue reading

This Weekend: Sleeveless Blazer

Sorry for the radio silence for most of last week but I’m back with a few surprises this week! The best part about this year’s sleeveless blazer trend is that it lets me pull together a layered outfit – mixing textures, patters and colors – even during the warmer months. There are so many ways … Continue reading