Collage Wall: In Progress

Since I’ve gotten a decent start on my vignette (check out my progress here), I wanted to share where I’m at with the gallery wall I’ll be displaying above the orange dresser. One of the inspiration pictures for my teal walls also has an eclectic mix of frames that I love and is the jumping off point for my own collection, a great way to tell a story about myself and “introduce” who I am to the guests in my home.


I think that this type of collection can be such a great way to tell a story about myself and “introduce” who I am to the guests in my home.

To make it even easier to make it an evolving collage (because I refuse to let my story stay still!), I want to incorporate one larger piece, similar to this image:


And for the actual imagery, I’ll include a few personal photographs anda few pieces of art that I’ve acquired on memorable vacations (yup, there’s the Mona Lisa – go big or go home, right?):

Clockwise from left: Urban Outfitters/Louvre gift shop/Vendor stand in India/Louvre gift shop

Right now, I’m pulling together the frames that I’ll need for the wall and I’ve decided that I definitely want a mix of metals – vintage gold and bright silvers – to pull together the metallic in my walls and the other accessories that are scattered through my living room. I’ll also include a couple more toned down frames in a dark walnut or crisp white, again, making my furniture (the coffee table and TV stand) seem more purposeful.

Here are some of the frames that I’m considering:




I’m so excited to get this gallery together! I’ll be posting pics as soon as it’s done.

2 Responses to “Collage Wall: In Progress”
  1. adsanabria86 says:

    very cool project! I wanna see how it ends up 😀

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