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    I’m so excited to share some news with all of you lovely readers! As you know, I’m all about style on a budget and one of my secrets to snatching up affordable fashion finds is Shop it to Me. Shop it to Me creates a personalized email alert that lets you know about what clothes, jewelry and other items are on sale based on what information that you say is important to you – specific brands, categories of clothing and accessories, and your size.

    Since I was already a fan, I was really excited when Shop it to Me contacted me to be one of their Trendsetters. Check out what I (and a few other stylish bloggers) had to say about time management and shopping on a budget. Also, if you’re interested in giving Shop it to Me a try, I’ve added a button on the right sidebar or click here! Happy Shopping!

    *This blog will receive shopping credits for referrals.

    2 Responses to “Homes & Heels featured on Shop it to Me”
    1. I love your blog and eclectic style. Congrats on being featured in Shop it to Me. I hadn’t heard of the site before you!!!



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