Etsy Find of the Week: Lacasadecoto

When I was younger, my grandparents came to visit from India and stayed with us for a summer. During that time, my grandma would tell me stories about how she would knit sweaters for me when I was younger and I was fascinated by the idea that her fingers could craft a cozy sweater out of a simple ball of yarn. So I decided that I wanted to learn how to wield this mysterious magic, already imagining the possibilities…

Whoa. Let’s back it waaayyy up. My grandma started me off with the “simple” task of knitting a scarf, which ended up taking me three months. Sigh. I forgot all about my granny-chic ambitions until I came across this Etsy shop which is making me want to give knitting one more shot!

Lacasadecoto is a shop from Barcelona that features all things crochet! There is a huge selection of poufs that such a great option for small scale living since they can double as stools or a side table if a tray was perched on it. Seriously, how can you resist these yummy colors?!


Along with these comfy cushions, lacasadecoto also offers some really unique items like these textile cable lamps. The covered cable is so surprising and such a cool contrast to the industrial lightbulb. Hmmmm these might just have to be incorporated into my bedroom design, maybe one hanging over each of my sidetables?


But out of all the things in the shop, this is my absolute favorite! Everyone (including me) has at least one of Ikea’s ALSEDA stools lying around their home but with the addition of a crochet covers it turns into the ultimate guest seating. I have two of these stools stacked in the corner of my living room and love the idea of covering just the top one to introduce a new texture.


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5 Responses to “Etsy Find of the Week: Lacasadecoto”
  1. Love this post! Such a funky way to give your living areas a quick make-over!

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