Mr. Coffee Table

I would like to introduce you to a recent addition to my life – Mr. Coffee Table. It was love at first sight – the strong architectural details and rich chocolate color was hard to resist!. I have been looking for a table that mimics the long and low lines of my sofa for awhile now and finally snagged it secondhand on Craigslist (and it was a total steal)!

I love the pocket where I’ll have a few coffee table books peeking out…

and the rectangular table legs perfectly mimic the shape of the tall arms of my couch.

I like how the chocolate color serves as an anchor in my otherwise very colorful room and will seem less disjointed after I share an idea that I have for diy-ing my white Ikea furniture (stay tuned…).

What really sold me was the gorgeous texture on the top of the coffee table! Can’t you see why I fell in love?

4 Responses to “Mr. Coffee Table”
  1. Supriya says:

    Perfect addition to the decor. Looks great with your couch!

  2. asima says:

    Could you please tell me were the table is from as i love it and want to buy thanks.

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