This Weekend: Lipstick + Stacked Heels

I have one word to describe this weekend – feasting! I don’t talk about it very much on this blog, but I love taking advantage of all the fantastic restaurants that we have in Chicago and I’m always excited to try new types of cuisine. This weekend, my menu choices ranged from Mexican fare to rustic Southern Indian food so to accommodate these diverse dining experiences, I had to wear an outfit that would fit into the style of any (kinda) casual restaurant.

One of my favorite shoe styles is a bootie paired with a stacked heel and this end of the season pickup from Zara added military green suede to the combination, a hue that seems to fit into the style of any season. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I have a purse that complemented the booties perfectly by bringing in another shade of olive green.

I usually swipe just a nude pinky gloss on during the daytime but to bring more attention to my favorite detail of this sweater – the braided cowlneck – I broke my routine and kicked up the fashion drama by applying a deep burgundy shade to my lips.

I had so much fun this weekend! Anytime I can pair fashion and food it has to be a good time 😉

2 Responses to “This Weekend: Lipstick + Stacked Heels”
  1. AG says:

    That lipstick looks amazing on you! And yumm 🙂

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