Vignette Update

So I’ve been talking about vignettes for a couple of weeks (read about them here and here) and I was at the point that I thought I had it all figured out…until I realized how many pieces are needed to create a unique story of textures and layers. But, while I still work on cobbling it together, I wanted to share a few work in progress pics with all of you.

#1 – I LOVE that mirror and found it at the cutest vintage shop on Etsy (it was also one of my inspiration pieces).

#2 – The jewelry box is hand painted and was one of my souvenirs from a recent family vacation to India

#3 – A cute little bud vase from Gilt

The plan right now is to add another tall, structural piece and possibly a softer texture to blur the hard lines…

Another piece from my inspiration collection were these bookends (from another great Etsy shop) with the anchor details that are just waiting to sandwich a few of my favorite titles!

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