Surprise! The Final Touches…

Happy Fashion Week everyone – let the runway antics and amazing street style begin! I’ll be updating all of you on what trends, ideas and colors are catching my eye! Stay tuned!

Sooo, I’ve been kinda sneaky. While I’ve been posting about how to pull together a vignette (here and here) and of course bowing down to the unrestrained fashion of MIA I’ve been working on a project behind the scenes. After I finished the teal walls and the dresser makeover I was so OVER painting. I never wanted to see a paintbrush again! But after a few days went by, the sea of white walls began to bug me. It seemed so disjointed! I had to do something about the stark contrast between the teal, orange and white, which led me to:

I love this color! My previous apartment was also cocooned in this Dove Gray. The soft muted gray mellows down the metallic finish of the other walls but also has a warmth to it making it the perfect “bridge” between the teal and orange. Just as a reminder, here’s what it looked like when the walls were white (ewww!):

And, the after (yay!!)…

I chose to keep the kitchen area white because I love the clean look and also to create a visual divide between it and the living area. I continued the gray into the entry area because I thought it added just the right amount of drama to the tiny space:

So what do you guys think??

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6 Responses to “Surprise! The Final Touches…”
  1. Supriya says:

    Grey compliments the teal and silver walls. Good choice!

  2. I ADORE painting in grey!! Your room is looking great. I didn’t realize it was a living area until now. I thought it was a guest bedroom or office. Shows you how observant I am.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Wow this all looks so amazing!!! Thank you for sharing this at simply creations link party!

  4. Bollywood Fashionista says:

    I love this, your room looks great!

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