Style Profile: MIA in Bad Girl

I’ve been a HUGE fan of MIA since I saw the music video for her song “Jimmy” a few years ago (check it out here). I loved her irreverent take on the Bollywood films I grew up watching. Aaand she made this Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show pretty interesting. But before her hand gestures caused controversy, I spent a considerable part of the weekend watching the video for her latest single “Bad Girl” again and again so I didn’t miss any of her amazing looks!

Check it out:

It’s easy to steer towards neutral looks and simple silhouettes but MIA’s style in this video is a great reminder to take risks with fashion (even if you’re not filming a music video in Morocco)!

It can be done with a bright pop on the lips juxtaposed against military green…


…or provide a fresh perspective on the ethnic print trend by wearing it as bottoms. Okay, so MIA’s top might not work for you but try fearless metallics in your own way!


Embrace this spring’s sorbet colors with abandon…


…or stick to a theme like a citrus palette of tangerine, lime and lemon:


Just remember, fashion has no boundaries – make it whatever YOU want it to be!


2 Responses to “Style Profile: MIA in Bad Girl”
  1. AG says:

    SHE IS SO BADASS. Great post!

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