Etsy Find of the Week: Lacasadecoto

When I was younger, my grandparents came to visit from India and stayed with us for a summer. During that time, my grandma would tell me stories about how she would knit sweaters for me when I was younger and I was fascinated by the idea that her fingers could craft a cozy sweater out … Continue reading

Mr. Coffee Table

I would like to introduce you to a recent addition to my life – Mr. Coffee Table. It was love at first sight – the strong architectural details and rich chocolate color was hard to resist!. I have been looking for a table that mimics the long and low lines of my sofa for awhile … Continue reading

This Weekend: Lipstick + Stacked Heels

I have one word to describe this weekend – feasting! I don’t talk about it very much on this blog, but I love taking advantage of all the fantastic restaurants that we have in Chicago and I’m always excited to try new types of cuisine. This weekend, my menu choices ranged from Mexican fare to … Continue reading

From Day to Night #1

I’m excited to announce a new feature here at Homes & Heels! Every week I will be posting two looks – one day look and one night look – that are both created around one item from my wardrobe. I’ve talked a lot about being stylish on a budget and there’s no better way to … Continue reading

Vignette Update

So I’ve been talking about vignettes for a couple of weeks (read about them here and here) and I was at the point that I thought I had it all figured out…until I realized how many pieces are needed to create a unique story of textures and layers. But, while I still work on cobbling … Continue reading

This Weekend…

I had to take advantage of the amazing sunshine we’ve had all weekend long in Chicago so I stepped outside to get a change of scenery for my weekend outfits. I’ve featured my necklace DIY before but I love how it tucks under the collar of this shirt and, along with the red on my … Continue reading

Sock Bun (ish) Tutorial

Okay peeps, due to popular demand, here’s my attempt at putting together a sock bun tutorial! Disclaimer: this is MY version of the sock bun. I did some Googling to research how other gals are doing it and lets just say that I’m not even close to the level of fanciness that’s out there so, … Continue reading

Needing some ZZZzzz’s

Dreaming of a magical world where I swim in a sea of sheets…  via  via via  via via via

New York Fashion Week 2012

You know what the best part about Fashion Week is? For one week I actually anticipate the next winter – brisk temperatures so I can layer textures and colors to my heart’s content! This year’s runway collections have included such distinct color stories that it was particularly easy to pull together looks that best show … Continue reading

This Weekend…

I hope all of you had an amazing weekend! I spent it checking out the Fashion Week runways (I’ll have some recos, trends, tips, etc. for you tomorrow) and went to dinner with one of my best friends who was visiting the city. Not that I need much persuasion, but it became the perfect excuse … Continue reading