Reader Question: Styling High Heel Oxfords

“Hey lady, I need style advice…what would you wear with these?” – Meredith (check her out on Pinterest here)


Yay! I love the chance to put my hours of unnecessary online window shopping to good use! These heels are a great jumping off point for a range of looks because they combine a classic shape with an edgy mix of textures. Since the heels are so versatile I wanted to show Meredith two looks that are completely different.

Images via (clockwise from top left): H&M/H&M/Nixon/Madewell/Forever 21

Images via (clockwise from top left): Revolve/Topshop/J. Crew/Asos/Nixon/Topshop

If you have any styling (home or fashion) questions please feel free to contact me at!

4 Responses to “Reader Question: Styling High Heel Oxfords”
  1. Urban neon! Look at that gorge jacket! I’d wear it anyday 🙂 xx

  2. dana says:

    Great suggestions! Love high-heeled oxfords!

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