Dresser Reveal

It’s here! I’m so excited to finally share my dresser makeover with all of you. It’s been awhile so just to remind everyone, the dresser originally looked like this:

The most difficult part of this process was deciding what color to paint the dresser. I fluctuated between yellow and orange for awhile but finally decided a red-orange tone (Behr’s Volcanic Blast) would be the perfect complement to my teal and silver walls. I was looking for a shade that would warm up the room and be the perfect pop of color.

Sooooo here’s the final look!

 The drawers were lined with musty old shelf paper that was patterned with pink flowers that I replaced with some inexpensive houndstooth wrapping paper:

 The silver and black print pulled in what was going on my walls and also provided the inspiration for black drawer pulls that are sleek and modern and cabinet handles with just a touch of silver.

 I’m so excited about how it immediately brightens up the room. Now it’s time to add some accessories and some artwork!

24 Responses to “Dresser Reveal”
  1. AG says:

    Looks amazing, R! And your walls are to die for. Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  2. Supriya says:

    Very nice combination of orange with teal in the background!

  3. Bollywood Fashionista says:

    I’m loving the dresser with the wall. How did you get your walls to look like that?

  4. Looks like we might need to hire you to decorate our house 🙂

  5. Supreet says:

    Did you sand down the dresser first?

  6. Shruti says:

    That dresser looks amazing! Good diy is so damn satisfying.

  7. Deb Owen says:

    Stunning color & it really pops in that room. Love it!

  8. Rina says:

    How did you do the teal & silver wall? Paint or wallpaper? Did you get a stencil for the pattern?

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