Making a Connection Edited by: Fajr Muhammad of Stylish Thought Can you believe that it’s almost February. Fashion week is right around the corner and that means that the IFB Conference is right upon us. The IFB Conference has opened so many doors and channels for fashion bloggers to connect and expand their *ahem* influence. … Continue reading

Reader Question: Styling High Heel Oxfords

“Hey lady, I need style advice…what would you wear with these?” – Meredith (check her out on Pinterest here) via Yay! I love the chance to put my hours of unnecessary online window shopping to good use! These heels are a great jumping off point for a range of looks because they combine a classic … Continue reading

Vignette Etiquette

Ever since I wrote about “dressing up” the top of my newly painted dresser, I’ve been perusing Etsy and other home accessory shops seeking out unique and interesting things. The problem is I like everything. Literally. At one point I had 50 items bookmarked! Since I’m going for the curated look instead of hoarding central … Continue reading

This Weekend…

Dressing up for more formal occasions is something that I struggle with during the winter. During my daily routine, I usually opt for layers of cotton, wool and denim opting for interesting accessories and color to to be my statement pieces. I purchased this Rachel Rachel Roy dress on Black Friday and it’s just sat … Continue reading

Look of the Day: Modern Neon

Today’s forecast of a white blanket covering all of Chicago is making me crave bright pops of color against the clean, blank canvas. And since it’ a Friday I want a crazy party of neon shades (not just a flicker of color like yesterday)! I started with these statement trousers that I’ve been eyeing for … Continue reading

Look of the Day: Tan & Navy

While taking a look at the final winter sales this week, I came across this gorgeous sweater by Madewell. I love the classic combination of tan and navy and the subtle mohair-like texture. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s on sale! But as all of you have probably noticed by now, classic and preppy really … Continue reading

Crafting Vignettes

I have a confession. For the past week, I can’t stop staring at my new orange dresser. For those of you who don’t remember, this is what it looks like: I’m in love! But…(isn’t there always a but?) the dresser looks like a gorgeous outfit that isn’t complete without a few accessoreis. So what would … Continue reading

This Weekend…

Holy snowstorm! I guess it had to happen eventually but all that white has kept me on my green kick (and the major sale going on at Zara didn’t hurt). I usually stick to the classic trouser colors – black, tan, navy, etc. – but this hunter green was so beautiful and is a color … Continue reading

Dresser Reveal

It’s here! I’m so excited to finally share my dresser makeover with all of you. It’s been awhile so just to remind everyone, the dresser originally looked like this: The most difficult part of this process was deciding what color to paint the dresser. I fluctuated between yellow and orange for awhile but finally decided … Continue reading

Color Inspiration: Green

The green blouse I wore over the weekend reminded me how bright, saturated color tones can totally change your mood. It’s the same reason that I’ve chosen statement colors like teal and orange for my living room but green has its own unique cheerful look: via via  via  via via via