Fall ReStyle Guide: Knits

I’ve been trying to be good lately and refrain from shopping but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been pinning like crazy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to snag amazing Black Friday deals so I can get a ton of winter staples to keep me nice and toasty while still being stylish. The best way to accomplish that is by having a variety of sweaters so here’s the latest Fall ReStyle Guide – knits, knits, knits!

There are so many cuts, colors and patterns out there to choose from so I decided to make it easy and pick out three that are classic silhouettes that can be styled to include this season’s trends.

Cardigans are perfect for dressing well on a budget because they can be paired with so many things. I love the texture of this JCrew cardigan especially when paired with deep jewel tones:

Images going clockwise: via, via, via, via, via, via

For a more feminine look, pair a chunky knit with a skirt (you can always sneak some leggings under there for warmth!) and add a few flirty accessories:

Images going clockwise: viaviaviavia, via

Polka dots are everywhere this season and this black cropped sweater is the perfect way to ground the outfit so it’s just the right amount of whimsical:

Images going clockwise: viaviaviavia, via, via

Are you ready for winter? How are you styling this season’s sweaters?

2 Responses to “Fall ReStyle Guide: Knits”
  1. brilliantim says:

    Oooh, i’ve been looking for something like this. Very pretty!

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