Etsy find of the week: LexLuxe

My closet has shifted to heavy knits and rain gear since fall has begun to show its true colors in the Midwest. Although I love being cozy in layers, sometimes I miss busting out the feminine glam that comes so easily in warmer months. That’s why this week’s Etsy find is a jewelry shop that … Continue reading

This Weekend

This weekend I finally built up the courage to get my wisdom teeth taken out. I was a big baby about it (thanks for putting up with me, ‘rents!) but when I wasn’t having a painkiller-induced nap I enjoyed using the downtime to read and surf the ‘net. Here are a few of the things … Continue reading

Me + Design = ???

I’ve been stuck in an inspiration rut for the past couple weeks so I decided to spend a little time perusing my favorite design blogs and of course, Pinterest. When I started looking through my favorite images I realized that my design style is a combination of a few things: via via  via via  via … Continue reading

Etsy find of the week: ekohdesign

Get excited! It’s time for the latest Etsy find – ekohdesign! The shop owner is a very talented woman from Oregon who has come up with a way to make the mundane display of tacked up grocery lists and bills  into an amazing piece of art. Ekohdesign includes a variety of decorative memo boards (the background … Continue reading

Fall ReStyle Guide: Boots

For once, I can’t complain about the weather! It’s absolutely gorgeous in Chicago right now BUT any girl on a budget knows that the best way to snag a deal is to plan ahead. So here’s the next installment of the Fall ReStyle Guide – all about boots! If you didn’t guess by the blog … Continue reading

Work in Progress

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