Fall ReStyle Guide: Coats

You’ve heard me whine (over and over again) about the cold weather but there is definitely a silver lining to the rain-filled Chicago clouds – it’s coat season! So here’s the second installment of the H+H fall ReStyle guide, letting all of you gals know how to add some of the latest trends to your closet without paying too much.

H+H Fall ReStyle Guide: Coats

Like I mentioned in the ReStyle Jeans guide (check it out here), bright colors are definitely here to stay and can be the perfect pop for a neutral fall outfit. Here are a few colorful coats that caught my eye and are definitely affordable:

 Images L to R: viaviaviavia, via

Aren’t they the perfect pop of color to brighten up a dreary day? Wear these colorful jackets with neutrals or remind everyone of summer by colorblocking with jewel tones. Check out these great inspiration outfits:



Every girl fantasizes about being Parisian chic, the perfect combination of sophistication and comfort. Yup, you guessed it, there’s a coat trend that makes this style easy for everyone – capes! They’re all over the market in every color and style imaginable! Here are a few of my favorite (cheap) ones:

 Images L to R: viaviaviavia

Take a look at some of the best ways to wear these gorgeous coats:



How has your fall wardrobe shopping been going? Let me know!

2 Responses to “Fall ReStyle Guide: Coats”
  1. Jessie E says:

    Love this. Also, while we are in the rainy season, I’m a big fan of colored rain jackets! Acquired a cute indigo rain jacket (that folds into the pocket!) at Topshop. I enjoy this rain jacket as well: http://bit.ly/oP7bTW

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