Etsy find of the week: katep

Woohoo, this might actually become an ongoing thing…welcome to the second round of Etsy Find of the Week! This week’s  find is another Chicago shop (my goal is to continue to feature local artists for awhile) called katep. The shop features a variety of whimsical, feminine prints that are handmade by the shop owner, Kate.

As all of you know, I’m working on pinning down what the color scheme of my living room will be (details coming this weekend!) but despite what the scheme ends up being, this print has to be incorporated somewhere:


The colors are gorgeous to start with – I’m envisioning the print framed in an antique gold ornate frame – and the casual feel of the image will provide a sense of intimacy. And who hasn’t had a day where they wish they could put a paper bag over their head so everyone would leave them alone??

Besides variations on that print, Kate also has other ones featuring a lone woman (don’t you wish you knew what she was thinking?):


The size variation of the different prints are begging for a collage treatment like this:


…but since I’m in a rental, I’m looking for a less permanent solution so maybe a collage wall such as the one below, of prints mixed in with pictures of good times with family and friends?


Or I could go totally temporary with something like this that could travel from apartment to apartment with me:

All of these options would be amazing but I have to get the painting started (and finished) first! Stay tuned for info on that!

Be sure to check out katep on Etsy!…and past Etsy features here and here.

Check H+H out on:

5 Responses to “Etsy find of the week: katep”
  1. I love the towel rack display, even in a rental it could work really nicely! Lovely color schemes, you are right this was a great find! Thanks for coming by my blog!

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