This summer I lived in…

If I had to use one word to describe my personal style it would be “eclectic.” What does this mean? Well my ensembles usually include a mix of colors, patterns or styles – who says you can’t be preppy and hipster at the same time? If I’m able to get at least one person to say “that is such a Rubina outfit,” those pieces are immediately moved to the front of my closet.

And there’s no better time than a Chicago summer to take sartorial risks. The weather allows for any type of clothing (Midwest weather is crazy!) and Chicago’s laid back street style creates an anything goes atmosphere. So, back to the title of this post. I went to NYC this past winter and fell in love with this faux leather (yup, it’s pleather) caramel colored skirt from H&M:

I loved the zip detail and I’m a sucker for any skirt or dress with pockets. I don’t remember the exact price but I snagged it for around $25. But, as much as I loved it, the reality of a record breaking cold winter left it buried deep in my closet. That was until the tribal pattern craze swept me along and I bought a tan, patterned blazer from Forever 21 for $30.

When I first brought it home, I was at a loss of how to wear it. According to my usual fashion bibles (actually, I swear by Elle mostly) I should have put together an ensemble like these:


But that just wasn’t me. I love pulling in one bright color OR mixing complementary patterns but an outfit that mixed it all together seemed to me like people would have to put on their sunglasses to just look at it. Instead, I decided to pull in my favorite color and paired the blazer with a Lululemon teal tank that I already owned (due to good intentions but zero results in becoming athletic). The contrast of the light teal/turquoise color against the tan provided a pop of color and kept the outfit feeling summery. I can’t take much credit for the idea though because the color of the piping on the inside of the jacket and along the cuffs reminded me that the color would complement the blazer.

Okay, the outfit was really starting to feel like me but if you haven’t noticed by the name of this blog, I am obsessed with shoes so I needed the perfect pair to complete the look. I bought these pumps from Aldo last summer because of their architectural shape and mid-level heel. I loved how the soft suede was the same color as the blazer while adding another texture. The studs on the pumps also spoke to the zipper, pulling everything together.

The finishing touch was another accessory that I already owned – a turquoise clutch that had a metallic sheen to it. I bought it from Forever 21 a few years ago and it’s become a party staple for me.

Whew. That was a lot of explanation for just one outfit but I felt that the amount of times I wore it warranted a little detail. My favorite part of this look is that I was able to combine old with new and put together a relatively inexpensive look that was 110% me:


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