Inspired by Teal

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I knew my apartment didn’t have much color but when I posted the pictures of what it looks right now it was downright depressing. So I started hitting up interior design blogs and Pinterest not finding much that caught my eye until I saw this beauty:


And by beauty I mean totally pricey, designer, out of my budget gorgeousness. There are a ton of things that I love about the room but what really caught my eye is (thankfully) probably the cheapest part – the teal walls. They add an amazing pop of color but are just moody enough to be great for all four seasons. I started looking for more examples and found that there are a kabillion different ways (and shades) that teal has been used, like:






But the best part was seeing all the different colors that teal has been paired with. Subdued creams, whites and tans or bright pops of reds and pinks, all of them look great! So now, confession time. I’m so sick of the vanilla of my current color scheme that this orange (relax, only as an accent color) is totally calling to me.


And even more crazy? How about a soft pink, orange, teal color scheme?


Hmmm…I better make sure that this isn’t just a case of the Mondays before I make some design decisions. In the meantime, what do you guys think?

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3 Responses to “Inspired by Teal”
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