What I’m working with

Before I begin my Redesign (def: finding diamonds in the rough and transforming them into something really, truly me) journey, I wanted to share an of what my new digs are actually like. My apartment is teeny-tiny by most standards but the proportions of the rooms are pretty decent.

The apartment is just shy of 800 sq. feet and is laid out like this:

Confusing, right? So to give all of you a better idea here are some pictures of each of the rooms in their current state. The living room is a rectangular space with a huge window letting a ton of light in. You’ll also notice a sneak peek of a future diy project, the partially sanded dresser. Also, the funky looking strip on some of the walls? You guessed it, I’ve started testing paint samples but I’m not giving anything away yet!

As you can see behind the couch, there’s a shorter wall that separates the kitchen from the living room. I absolutely love this kitchen! It’s just the right size for an eat-in and the finishes are beautiful. The big downside is that storage is an issue so I have a couple options to consider that I’ll share soon.

On the way to the bedroom there is the super tiny and skinny bathroom. Not much to say there, but again, storage is an issue.

And the cherry on the sundae is the bedroom. On one side of room is a wall of windows which is gorgeous but privacy is something I have to think about. The room is pretty square so there should be a lot of options for furniture layouts.

That’s the new place! I’ve been brainstorming and scouring the internet for inspiration (check out my Pinterest boards here!) so stay tuned for some mood boards!

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