Fall ReStyle Guide: Jeans

Ew. The mornings are chillier, evenings brisker and the sun is setting earlier and earlier. Let’s face it – fall is on its way. I’m going to miss summer (since it won’t be warm for another 9 months) but I am ready to dress in layers again. There’s also no better way to transition a … Continue reading

Etsy find of the week: katep

Woohoo, this might actually become an ongoing thing…welcome to the second round of Etsy Find of the Week! This week’s  find is another Chicago shop (my goal is to continue to feature local artists for awhile) called katep. The shop features a variety of whimsical, feminine prints that are handmade by the shop owner, Kate. … Continue reading

This summer I lived in…

If I had to use one word to describe my personal style it would be “eclectic.” What does this mean? Well my ensembles usually include a mix of colors, patterns or styles – who says you can’t be preppy and hipster at the same time? If I’m able to get at least one person to … Continue reading

Etsy find of the week: Yellow Jacket Vintage

Welcome to a new weekly feature here at H+H…Etsy Find of the Week! As you guys know, I’m always looking for inspiration and there’s no better place than the shops on Etsy. Today’s find is a shop that is located in Chicago (what’s better than supporting local small business owners?!) called Yellow Jacket Vintage. The … Continue reading

Inspired by Teal

Check out this post at Take-A-Look Tuesday I knew my apartment didn’t have much color but when I posted the pictures of what it looks right now it was downright depressing. So I started hitting up interior design blogs and Pinterest not finding much that caught my eye until I saw this beauty:  via And by … Continue reading

What I’m working with

Before I begin my Redesign (def: finding diamonds in the rough and transforming them into something really, truly me) journey, I wanted to share an of what my new digs are actually like. My apartment is teeny-tiny by most standards but the proportions of the rooms are pretty decent. The apartment is just shy of … Continue reading