Painting Dilemma

A couple weeks ago I posted the color scheme for my living space (read all about how Chicago weather served as my inspiration here). I loved how modern and fresh the color combination was but still neutral enough that it wouldn’t feel overpowering.

As you can tell from my apartment layout the living space is pretty narrow and has to serve the dual purpose of the dining area and a living room. So, to keep the room from feeling cramped, I had to visually push out the longer walls and create the illusion of a much wider “horizon”.

Since I have yet to invest in power tools (and would probably get evicted) I had to rule out moving any of the walls. Instead, I decided that I needed to use a paint technique that would provide a similar feel; breaking every fashion rule, I needed to make the room look extra-wide. I brainstormed for a few days and came up with these three potential patterns:

I posted all three of them on my walls and walked by them day after day, trying to gauge how they made me feel and the answer was – nothing. Absolutely nothing. I was looking for total WOW factor! Each one of these ideas either seemed too traditional (the border pattern), too kitschy (the horizontal stripes) and too gimmicky (the birds on wires). On top of those problems, they would totally mask the fireplace, an architectural detail that I had to highlight. So, I began perusing my usual blog roll and of course, Apartment Therapy was top on the list. And…..I found the perfect pattern deep in their archives (check it out here)!

It was perfect. Classic but still trendy, the perfect way to highlight the contrasting colors of my scheme. I decided to paint the pattern on each of the far walls like this:

The interlocking squares would be painted in Glidden’s Dazzling Daffodil with the background color as Behr’s Anonymous. The repeating pattern draws attention to the far walls, while also highlighting the fireplace. To push the narrow walls along the side further out, I would paint them the lighter gray (Behr’s Sparrow).

Woohoo! The plan was in place but now it’s confession time. I’ve never, ever, ever painted any walls. Not even a fraction of a wall. So, not only was I taking on my first painting project but it included three colors and a pretty complex pattern. Uh oh.

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