Sleeping in Luxury

When I was brainstorming for my bedroom color scheme, I had total redesign block. I wasn’t sure what the design gods wanted me to do – should it match the color scheme of my living space or should it be the opposite? Or in between?

I apologize for not having any “before” pictures of the bedroom but it can be summed up in just one word – rectangle. Besides the high ceilings that flow throughout the apartment, there aren’t any interesting architectural details in the room. I knew I needed to bring some interesting finishes that the eye could be drawn to, while removing the ugly pea soup color that had been slapped onto the walls.

So back to the dilemma…did I really want to live in an apartment that was totally gray and yellow? This was one scenario in which function had to be more important than form. I had to pick a color that was calming enough that I could fall asleep but should still feel fresh during the daytime. So, while at my local Home Depot, I discovered this color scheme:

I loved both of the blues because they struck a balance between being calming but still bright enough that they wouldn’t absorb all of the bedroom’s light. I wanted a lot of contrast within the bedroom (and to semi-tie in the room with the rest of the apartment) I thought that bedding in crisp white and soft gray would go nicely with either of the blues.

As I mentioned earlier, the room is definitely a plain Jane so to add some interest, I wanted to layer a lot of textures. While living in my previous shoebox apartment, I had bought a pair of mirrored bedside tables that you can see here. I wanted to bring in more metallic and/or shiny surfaces with beading and chrome. But to keep the bedroom from feeling industrial, I would complement those with velvets and soft (faux!) furs.

I was pretty excited about my plan of attack, if only executing it had been simple…


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