Snowflake Obsession

I promise I won’t spend the entire winter complaining about how cold, snowy, windy (the list goes on and on…) it is in Chicago but allow me just one more post. And in order to at least kind of justify my whining, here’s what has to say about this amazing city:

Sigh. What’s a girl to do…oh, that’s right, online shop. So during my random web shopping I came across this gorgeous sweater. I usually favor rugged materials (leather, organic cotton, etc.) but the view outside of my window made this warm, fuzzy sweater from Victoria Secret seem absolutely perfect. Despite the fact that in the past, the material was more likely to be seen on a Barbie doll in past years, it actually turned up on the red carpet (a la Angelina Jolie during The Tourist’s premiere; check it out here). I especially liked this version because it had such a modern silhouette with the double breasted cut.

$69 still seems a little pricey for me so I’m going to keep my eye on it but once it gets cheaper (fingers crossed!) I’m going to  pair it with a pair of skinny cargo pants and my favorite pair of tan suede heels. Stay warm!

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