Embracing the Seasons

As a born and raised Midwesterner, you would think that I would embrace the seasons – the blustery winter, soft spring, blazing summer, crisp fall – but, I don’t. Not one bit. In fact, I negotiate daily with the higher being during the months of November through February on what I have to give up to get some warm rays of sunshine. I’m still waiting on the terms of that agreement but in the meantime, I have a solution – bringing the sun indoors.

And that’s exactly what I tried to do with my color scheme for my living room. As the pictures I posted a few days earlier showed, my rental was covered in different shades of green ranging from pea soup to mold. Lovely. The range of colors also made me yearn for a simple, beautiful color that would tie the entire living space together.

At my local Home Depot store, I fell in love with Glidden’s Dazzling Daffodil paint. I was wary of picking a yellow with any sort of orange or reddish undertones because I felt that it was a little too Southwestern for my city apartment. Dazzling Daffodil was a cool yellow that I felt would have a calming presence but I had to admit that plastering it on all four walls was a little much for the senses. While perusing the rows and rows of samples, a gray palette caught my eye and instantly reminded me of how the sun rays look peeking through Chicago’s January skies and that image (yes, a little melodramatic) translated into the following color scheme.

I was immediately drawn to Behr’s Anonymous, which I thought would contrast nicely with the bright yellow. Due to my living area being a long, narrow rectangle I had to take into account the fact that such a dark gray could result in the room feeling closed in and cavelike. In order to cheat the width of the room I picked a shade lighter in the same color family, Behr’s Sparrow, and decided to apply it on the longer walls to visually push them farther away and then to use some combination of Anonymous and Dazzling Daffodil on the far walls. Of course, it would make a lot of sense to know what sort of pattern I was going to do in order to know how much of each color I should buy. Unfortunately, planning ahead isn’t my style and instead I just guesstimated and bought two gallons of each paint (spending extra on paint mixed with primer because the salesperson really seemed to know his stuff) and a few rollers, brushes, and a ladder to reach the top of my thirteen feet tall walls.

4 Responses to “Embracing the Seasons”
  1. Stacey Joseph says:

    Love the creativity. I too am searching on warmer colors to brighten up my living space. It’s so much easier to pick furniture than a color…Furniture is easy for me, I see it and immediately adopt the piece becuase I just know. Color…well….let’s just say my walls are all still boring beige. Good work!

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