New Year, New Resolutions

As an eternal optimist, I’m joining the millions of people who promise to make this the year that they change. Whether it’s weight, education, money, etc., they believe that 2011 will be different. So, I raise my glass of wine to them (there goes drinking less…) and join them on the quest to becoming a better me. Here is my list for 2011:

#1: Save more money – Sigh. The family thriftiness seems to have entirely missed me. My mom can wait patiently for home décor items to go on sale while my sister stalks our mailbox to grab each coupon before the rest of us even get the chance. In order to honor this tradition (and be able to make some big purchases in the future) I’m going to be the latest Recessionista on the block. Battle plan to follow.

#2: Completely overhaul my wardrobe. Seems kind of contradictory to #1 doesn’t it? But I think I have a plan that will allow me to do this in an economical way and insure me against any drastic makeovers in the future.

#3: Finish my apartment. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve laid the groundwork in my apartment but the trickiest part is yet to come. Accessorize, edit and curate.

#4: Get more sleep, eat healthy, stress less, etc. etc. etc.

Good luck with all your resolutions!!

Images via ClipArtLab


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