Etsy Find: Gemini Studios

Confession time…I have an addiction to Etsy. I look for absolutely any excuse to search the trillion, kabillion items on sale. Whether it’s for a new redesign project, looking for a gift or pretending like I have money to spend, I can search for hours upon hours. Seriously, how can you resist?! I was digging … Continue reading

Painting Dilemma

A couple weeks ago I posted the color scheme for my living space (read all about how Chicago weather served as my inspiration here). I loved how modern and fresh the color combination was but still neutral enough that it wouldn’t feel overpowering. As you can tell from my apartment layout the living space is … Continue reading

Shoe Collection Idea #1

Thanks to luv-crumbs for the AMAZING shoe collection idea: I’m going to start digging through Craigslist to see if there are any Polaroid cameras on sale, I love the idea of not just taking pictures of the shoes but showing them in all their glory on my feet!

Sleeping in Luxury

When I was brainstorming for my bedroom color scheme, I had total redesign block. I wasn’t sure what the design gods wanted me to do – should it match the color scheme of my living space or should it be the opposite? Or in between? I apologize for not having any “before” pictures of the … Continue reading

Ode to Shoe Storage

I have been out of commission the past few days with the flu and thus have been cooped up inside my apartment. Usually, I tackle my long and ever-increasing list of organizing and redesigning projects but instead I was stuck on my bed in a sea of blankets with nothing to stare at but my … Continue reading

Snowflake Obsession

I promise I won’t spend the entire winter complaining about how cold, snowy, windy (the list goes on and on…) it is in Chicago but allow me just one more post. And in order to at least kind of justify my whining, here’s what has to say about this amazing city: Sigh. What’s a … Continue reading

Embracing the Seasons

As a born and raised Midwesterner, you would think that I would embrace the seasons – the blustery winter, soft spring, blazing summer, crisp fall – but, I don’t. Not one bit. In fact, I negotiate daily with the higher being during the months of November through February on what I have to give up … Continue reading

New Year, New Resolutions

As an eternal optimist, I’m joining the millions of people who promise to make this the year that they change. Whether it’s weight, education, money, etc., they believe that 2011 will be different. So, I raise my glass of wine to them (there goes drinking less…) and join them on the quest to becoming a … Continue reading