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Textile Artwork

Now that my living room is starting to take shape (check out my latest DIY here) I’m starting to source items to fill in the blanks – the blank walls that is. As much as I love my roomy living room, it leaves a lot of wall space to cover, which isn’t always easy when … Continue reading

Living Room Updates: Custom Desk Reveal

Ladies and gents, remember how I moved into a new apartment a couple months ago? Well since then, I’ve kept a couple (DIY) tricks up my sleeve. After all, I can’t think of a better way to spend a 110 degree day than in front of an air conditioner with a paintbrush (yeah, yeah, I … Continue reading

Looks for Less

I’ve finally got around to perusing the massive September issues that have been choking up my mailbox and my hands down favorite has been Elle this year. Great styling, and surprisingly, great writing – but, as much as I love it, the usual round of wardrobe budget envy ensues! So, I picked a few of … Continue reading

Captoe Boots

It seems like autumn is in a hurry to come back to Chicago. The weather has been temperamental and I think my arms have gotten stronger from repeatedly taking my jacket on and off. So what’s a girl to do? Oh, I know, let’s style the perfect fall look! I’m really loving these captoe booties … Continue reading

Back to the Basics

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately. Not because my schedule is crazy busy or that I have a huge deadline looming in the future. I get the feeling every morning as I stare at my beyond stuffed closet while a nagging voice in the back of my head telling me that I have nothing to wear. … Continue reading

Bookshelves on the Mind…

I’m so excited to share my all time favorite DIY project (past ones include this & this) but here’s a little teaser of the inspiration pictures that I used, have a good weekend everyone! via via via via via

Dressing for Lollapalooza

My thoughts and prayers are with those families that were effected by the tragic shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin. To learn more about candlelight vigils and memorial ceremonies happening across the country please click here. Almost 48 hours later, I’m still exhausted from Lollapalooza. The music, the dancing, the food, it took a … Continue reading

Lollapalooza 2013!

I’ve lived in Chicago for 4 summers now but have yet to make it to Lollapalooza …so this year, I’m going all out and will be attending all three days – get ready for outfit shots and a ridiculous amount of stage shots! *Images via Riches for Rags.

Organic & Urban

After spending an idyllic weekend with my family in Michigan, I came to the realization that sometimes I miss the peace & quiet of suburbia. Call it a quarter life crisis but I wouldn’t mind opening my window every once in awhile and not be greeted by the roar of traffic. Besides these few moments, … Continue reading

Hot Pink & Studs

I seem to be on a kick of sticking to trends that people are wayyy over. So in that spirit, let me reintroduce the sock bun. It’s hot and muggy in Chicago and there’s no better way to tackle my frazzled locks. The sophisticated hairstyle inspired me to dress up my casual pink dress by … Continue reading